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Split experience is a phenomenon, a feeling of coming to Split, spending a couple of days here, and then never wanting to leave. The longer you interesting expository essay topics stay, the more you see and do, the more you fall in love with this town. Even the locals have a case of the Split experience.

The website split-experience.com helps you explore Split in the best possible way. Find things to do, places to see and learn a little about local history, food, and culture while you’re at it.

Split Experience is a travel guide, made by unbiased locals who lived in Split all their lives. With the enormous growth of tourism in the past years, we try to do our part in aiding you, our guests, through your adventure in Split. All the articles, photos, and videos uploaded to the website are completely original.

If you’re coming to Split, and have any questions regarding where to go or what to see, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or through DM on one of our social networks.


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Split experience isn’t just a “we talk (write), you listen (read)” kind of deal. Split experience sample informative essay is a community! So don’t hesitate to send us your Split experiences in form of written articles, photos, or videos! Follow our Instagram page and tag us in your Instagram posts and use #splitexperience.

If you own a business in Split area and want to work with us, we’re always open for all kinds collaborations. Our mission is to help develop local offer! Good quality, hard-working businesses that contribute to the Split experience are more than welcome on our site.

Contact us with any suggestions or questions regarding possible collaborations!